See NEW Video Below on Venus and her remarkable connection to the Pleiades happening toward the end of March…

This month also features Venus at the Brow Chakra, all planets moving forward starting March 9, Juno in Libra Retrograde spends a total of about 11 months in Libra supporting the relational mysteries (link below), Mars joining the Capricorn line up.

February started out with an amazing opportunity for me to be part of the first ever astrology panel at the Conscious Life Expo. I was honored to be a part of this event and to get to experience some well-known speakers like Gregg Braden, William Henry, James Redfield and Bashar to name a few.

When I got home I had the worst flu I have had in nearly a decade that kept me in bed for nearly a week. So I didn’t get to write as much for the March Timings as I had hoped. Though I did see this as a clearing and energetic upgrade – something I shared about in the opening of the March Timings.

2020 March Celestial Timings

Additional helpful links NOT in the March 2020 PDF:

NEW POST on Saturn Pluto and the Corona Virus Gift

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury in Aquarius

All Planets Moving Forward from March 09 to April 25

Friday the 13th

Juno in Libra for almost 11 months

Saturn Pluto Jupiter and Mars are in Capricorn Plagues, Flu, AIDS and other epidemics etc.
Saturn and Pluto either conjunct or in strong aspect has been linked with plagues in the past including the Bubonic or Black Plague that started in China when Pluto and Saturn were opposite around 1331.

In 1914 the flu pandemic occurred around the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in the early degrees of Cancer. In 2003 the SARS outbreak occurred after the exact Saturn-Pluto opposition; the H1N1 virus (or Swine Flu) in 2009 was around a Saturn-Pluto square. In his book Cosmos and Pysche, Richard Tarnas links AIDS with the Saturn Pluto conjunction that occurred from 1981 to 1984. In 1981 Jupiter was also present. The AIDS epidemic then reached a new impact level around the time of the Saturn and Pluto opposition from 2000 to 2004.

In 2020 Saturn and Pluto are conjunct once again joined by Jupiter – possibly expanding the effect. In March of 2020 Mars joins this line-up so more to be revealed.

March Equinox

Equinox Insights with Galactic Center Overhead

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The Next Jaguar Days March 08 and 28, 2020


Venus and 2020 

The Galactic Clock and 2020

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Second Video in the Series. First Video is below.

This is the first Video in the Series about 12 minutes long  

The Wall Street Journal had an article in late February about why your Sun Sign isn’t your Sun Sign. This video and article tells you why that isn’t true and how to determine your Sun Sign as well as what constellation the Sun was in when you were born.

Reconnecting with the 2014 Powerful Grand Cross
Being further activated and energized
by the the July 4/5 Lunar Eclipse
happening at the same degree
accelerating whatever was seeded then.

Here is a short video Describing the Venus Signature Series with our Next LIVE Q & A April 30 featuring the Past and Present Goddess Signature.

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