Cayelin April 2019

We are rapidly approaching the year 2020 and it is a game changer for the planet.

In 2020 I turn 64 – the magical 8×8 – linking me age wise to the 8:8 Infinity Time Gate.

Beyond that what I find at my age is – I only have 2020 literal vision when I am wearing my progressive eyewear. I had 2020 vision in my younger years but I have been wearing glasses now for almost 15 years.

With my glasses I can see with crystal clarity into the distance, I can see close up, I can see mid-way or anywhere in-between. It occurs to me those are all aspects of vision needed at this Great Turning of the Wheel of Time. (see the short first 11 minute-ish video below for more on the Galactic Clock)

This causes me to wonder what other enhancements we may need to assist our 2020 vision for the coming year? 

How can we most effectively cultivate our vision and intentions in the most powerful ways possible?

I don’t have many answers at the moment but I am pondering the questions.

AND I do give a few suggestions in the December 2019 Celestial Timings. By no means are these suggestions what will work for everyone but they are intended to inspire you to discover your own possibilities – and assist in cultivating your own vision.

My vision and intention is for the Power of Love to cultivate Peace, Plenty and Illumination for ALL Life on Planet Earth.


2019 December Celestial Timings

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Venus and Mercury Out of Bounds

Venus and Saturn come together at 19 Capricorn on Dec 11.

Chiron goes direct December 12 around 07:47 pm Pacific Time at 1 Aries 26
This occurs just after retrograde Chiron squares Jupiter in Capricorn on December 08, 2019 placing an additional emphasis on healing our relationship to our own personal power and the Power of Love, Kindness and Forgiveness.

DECEMBER features the second Friday the 13th of this year…

Meaning of December and Saturnalia

Plus the Annular Solar Eclipse this month will create a Ring of Fire around the Sun. It seems the Ring of Fire brings to mind a cauldron of fire – an alchemy that represents ALL that must be burned before something new can birth. This story from Norse Mythology seems to describe a Ring of Fire and how it brings about alchemical change.

Brunhild was the fairest of the Valkyries, (warrior women Odin, chief god, sent into battle) were armed with spears, shields, and helmets and they rode swift horses above the battlefield choosing who lived and who died. It is well know that heroic warriors who died valiantly in combat were escorted to the great hall of Valhalla in Asgard, the home of the gods.

Brunhild struck down Hjalmgunnar, a king who had been promised victory by Odin. Angered Odin orders Brunhild to take a husband as punishment. Brunhild, however, had sworn she would only marry a man who could overcome her in combat – a nearly impossible man to find. Frustrated, Odin cast Brunhild into a magic sleep, surrounding her in a ring of fire. In time, the hero Sigurd (called Siegfried in German legends) fearlessly rides through the flames to awaken and rescue her.

Brunhild and Sigurd then fall in love. But for some reason Sigurd marries the Teutonic princess Gudrun instead. Sigurd then helps Gudrun’s brother Gunnar win Brunhild as his bride by disguising himself as Gunnar and defeating Brunhild in combat. Deceived, Brunhild submits and marries Gunnar.

Years later, when Sigurd’s deception comes to light (the hidden dark secret) Brunhild is furious. She has Sigurd murdered to get her revenge. In her grief and remorse Brunhild throws herself on his funeral pyre to join Sigurd in death.

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The Next Jaguar Days Dec 19 2019

 The Galactic Clock and 2020

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Reconnecting with the Powerful Grand Cross
as Jupiter and Mars Join Saturn and Pluto in 2020

Here is a short video Describing the Venus Signature Series with our First Live Q & A on November 7. You can also get a free Webinar that introduces the Venus Star Phases

Here is a short video describing what the Libra Evening Star Ceremonial
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The Ascent Journey has just Begun
If you feel called to join this extraordinary
Ceremonial Ascent Journey 

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