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2020 November Celestial Timings PDF

Due to another long drive to Colorado to spend time with our bright and delightfully joyous Grandson (pictured here) the November Timings are even more rushed than usual but still filled with interesting insights!

The November 3 USA Election Day features Mercury Stationing Direct around mid-day and a very close Jupiter Pluto Conjunction within a degree. This trickster energy is taking us back to the 2000 election when Mercury stationed direct on Election Day AND we had a Jupiter Saturn conjunction (only one that year in Taurus). The video below has unique insights about Elections from the perspective of Venus, Jupiter Saturn and Mercury stationing on Election Day along with Vesta influences. The second video looks at the USA chart and the candidates…also insightful.

November features the THIRD Super Charged Powerful Alchemical Combination of Jupiter Pluto exactly conjunct November 12 but super close all this month with Saturn near by adding to the power of this combination.

A so called Blue Full Moon October 31 in Taurus

With insights on
The Meteor Showers
The Cross-Quarter
The Sun passing by Ophiuchus
Venus and Mercury with Spica
The Gegenschein
Mars and Eris
The beginning of the Eclipse Season and so much more…


Two Videos with a look at the unusual aspects of this Election Part 1
And the Charts of the USA and the Two Candidates Part 2

Article Links 

May 2000 Story about Mesa Verde and the Return of the Bird Tribes 

Chiron in Aries Chiron is with the Aries Full Moon Oct 1
Healing the Wounds of Injustice

The Alchemy of Chiron
The Astronomy of Chiron

Mars is still with Eris 
More On Eris

Mercury Stations Direct on US Election Day


The Next Jaguar Days Nov 03, Nov 23, Dec 13

Taurus Full Moon October 31 

Understanding the Blue Moon (Hint: its not Two Full Moons in a calendar month)

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The Galactic Clock and 2020

Here is a 6 minute exploration of the Gemini Rainbow Goddess
Having Risen onto the World Stage June 09 on a 19 month journey until January 2022. This powerful ceremonial Journey is already underway
but you can join in anytime.

Here is a short video Describing the Venus Signature Series
with our Next LIVE Q & A on November 01, 2020

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