The November 2021 Briefer Look at the Celestial Timings

I had hoped to have some NEW videos to share but due to traveling and other factors that hasn’t happened yet. I am hoping to get them done in the next week or so.

This photo of Peter with our Grandson Gryffin taken this last week (in Cortez, Colorado) explains why I haven’t had more time to get November Timings or Videos put together. Below are a few references to the celestial events coming our way this month

I did NOT have time to create my usual Celestial Timings PDF this month so the article links below are designed to help you tune into what is happening.

Article Links 

The November Cross-Quarter is upon us starting with Halloween, Nov 1 being All Saints Day and November 2 being the Day of the Dead depending on your cultural reference point. The exact zodiacal cross quarter is November 7 when the Sun is exactly halfway between the September Equinox and the December Solstice. This also features the Sun with Zubenelgenubi one of the Stars of the Scales marking a stargate to the New World. More HERE

Venus is Out of Bounds all of November having entered this realm on Oct 09, 2021 at 08:03 pm PDT until Dec 07, 2021 at 2:35 pm PST (maximum point is 27 degrees 14)

Mercury is going out of bounds in early December so stay tuned!

Mercury is passing by Spica and Arcturus exact on November 1 for the third time due to Mercury’s retrograde from end of September to mid-October.

The Next Jaguar Days Nov 18, the day before the Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse
Dec 08, Dec 28 

Taurus Full Moon Partial Eclipse November 19 at 27 Taurus Near the Magical Stars of the Pleiades
Visible in South Australia, South Africa and South America etc…

Ideally, any lunar eclipse is a time for self-awareness of our own personal shadow. Then the alchemical nature of the eclipse – facing or seeing the fear that drives our fears and shadow side can be transformed into the higher vibrational energy of Love and Acceptance of self and all life – if we choose it.

Mercury is now direct so hopefully most of us are experiencing smooth and easy communication. However, that is NOT a guarantee so you might find this to be an insightful look at Mercury Communication Challenges when What You Heard Isnt What I Meant

Saturn in Aquarius was Square the Sun on October 30 and the Moon is with Saturn Nov 10, 2021 at 07°Aquarius 39′ D
Jupiter in Aquarius is square the Sun on November 15 
Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius a deep dive PDF it will 60 years before it happens again.

Saturn is traveling through Aquarius until March 07, 2023. This reminds us that our divine destiny (and the Earth’s) is to Co-Create a new reality based in the principles of Universal Divine Love, Divine Order, Divine Justice, and Divine Knowing or a conscious understanding emanating from the heart of the Creative Life Force, Higher Power, Divine Intelligence or whatever name feels best to you.

Suggesting: everyone should have the freedom to determine their own evolutionary or spiritual path as long as it does NO HARM to any sentient life – including the Earth.

This brings to mind the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. Or better yet the Platinum Rule: treat others the way they want to be treated.

In our current reality there are many behind the scenes doing their best to manipulate our perspective to serve their own agenda completely missing the reality that whatever is happening to any of us is happening to all of us.

Any planet in Aquarius values freedom, especially the freedom to think in ways that are revolutionary promoting evolutionary possibilities. With this in mind remember to question everything and feel into your own truth of what is real.

With the Aquarian focus occuring now it is time to actively consider implementing Universal Love as the most sustainable way for us to navigate these uncertain times. This ideally comes from the universal visionary perspective – Love is the Answer!

What we are seeing from many if not most of those who are governing our world (mostly in the shadows) is the love of power is their guiding principle – not the power of love that can transform this reality in the blink of an eye!

So questions to be with are:

How can we love as much as possible in every moment even in the most challenging times?

How can we stay attuned to the high vibrational energy of Love no matter what is happening in our outer world?

What would it take to dismantle the old limiting structures and create new, innovative, expansive structures where we are free to express what is our to express, be what is our to be, live what is ours to live? 

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