The August Timings

I was sent this as I was preparing the August 2020 Timings. A blast to the past of me in the late 1990’s. I was about age 42 or 43 right around the time my mother died.  I am now the age she was when she passed. WOW…and I loved that tie dyed shirt…The woman here with me in this photo died a year or so later. Seems the death mysteries are very present for me right now as already mentioned!

Well July was a very interesting month in so many ways – imaging many of you feel it was interesting you for you as well. One unexpected factor (meaning its not part of a normal cycle) was the visibility of Comet NEOWISE in the direction of the Big Dipper – suggesting new wisdom is visiting our part of the Universe.See image below for those who didn’t get to see it.

Here in Tucson we had mostly cloudy nights due to monsoon season during greatest visibility so it wasn’t something easy to see – though Jupiter and Saturn and the Moon have been spectacular. Still the wild and unpredictable impact of a comet whether seen or not is worthy of our attention and intention.

The comet’s name says it all really Neo (means new) and Wise – well in addition to meaning knowledge and what we know – it can also mean becoming alert to or aware of something! Journaling around this concept of New Wisdom and what it means I find my awareness is around what is the new wise contribution I most long to create in any moment?

The answer I have received over and over is love, Love, LOVE! Love is the answer. Love changes everything. Kindness, acceptance and compassion of self and others are qualities of Divine Love that have the power to transform all the lower vibrational energies of greed, anger, doubt, criticism, envy, and pride.

NEOWISE (the New Wisdom) is really not new but I am asking myself about it in a new way. Do I have the courage to love myself, love my life, love all those who are in my life as expressions of the divine?

Me and Nancy in France 2007

One of my dear Priestess sisters Nancy Safford left this world on July 10. This is a longer story for another time but briefly she and I had our birthdays 2 days and 10 years apart. We often celebrated together in Sedona on the day between our two birthdays. Last year she and I created a video for an online event for our shared Priestess Community that was a walk down memory lane. In 2007 Nancy and I co0led a group to the sacred sites in France that she knew so well. The video is at this link I am so grateful we got to do this and so sad we won’t get a chance to do a follow up video.

All this leads me to admit that the August Timings are not as organized as I would like so I am going with the saying Done is Better than Perfect. AND Oh My are there some fascinating events this month.

August is a Pivotal Month and August 15 is a Pivotal Day
We start out with Moon passing Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn and a Full Moon on August 3. Venus conjuncts the North Node August 5 (see video below), and then moves into Cancer on the Galactic Cross August 7 at the time of the exact Cross-Quarter as we have the first 8.8 Time Gate. Then we have the Mayan Creation Day at a Solar Zenith time frame in some latitudes (see article link below) around the time Venus reaches greatest elongation on August 15 coinciding with the next Venus Moon Gate. WOW. See new video on Venus and the North Node rare alignment below.

Additional unexpected events are possible as Uranus is also stationing retrograde on August 15 – the same day as the assumption of Mother Mary celebrated around the world (see article link below) while also being at the tale end of the Perseid Meteor shower peak and Sirius Rising into the morning sky for some latitudes in the Dogs Days of Summer a title linked to Sirius (link below). PLUS August 15 also happens to be the next Jaguar Day! Check out the August Timings for more!

2020 August Celestial Timings


Additional Article Links

8.8 Infinity Time Gate Aug 8, 17 and 26

August Cross-Quarter

Mayan Creation Day and a Solar Zenith

August 15 Assumption of the Virgin Mary when Uranus stations retrograde just after the peak of the Persieds and Venus at Greatest Elongation and right before the Leo New Moon.

In Case you Missed the Alchemy of Jupiter and Pluto 

Spica and Aldebaran are Behenian Stars with a 12 minute Audio

Chiron in Aries Healing the Wounds of Injustice

The Nodes

Dog Days of Summer and Sirius

Pluto is Retrograde from April 25 to October 4, 2020

Juno in Libra until September 20, 2020 Juno is returning to Spica in September.

If you missed this article on Insights into the Gemini Meta Goddess it helps to explain what Venus is up to over the next 18 months. Venus remains in Gemini until August 7.

The Next Jaguar Days Aug 15, Sep 04, Sep 24,
Oct 14, Nov 03, Nov 23, Dec 13

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This is a 17 minute Look at the Rare

Venus and North Node Alignment in Gemini

This video explores the Nodal Axis in Gemini Sagittarius
Venus and the North Node align exact August 5
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This  Video explores Saturn moving through Aquarius for 2.5 years.

Here is a 6 minute exploration of the Gemini Rainbow Goddess Rising
Onto the World Stage June 09 when the New Journey Begins 
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Venus and 2020 

The Galactic Clock and 2020

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Second Video in the Series. First Video is below.

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